642 Things to Write About

I love this book. Sometimes, I can’t think of anything to write, have a small block for where I want my story to go. Writing down something different-completely disconnected-from the ongoing chapters here on my blog, helps to recenter my focus. I may not even need to write it down…just see the prompt and think about it. It might lead down massive bunny trails…chasing after a new idea like Alice chased the White Rabbit…and sometimes it does, but only for a time, and then I’m good to tackle the next chapter again. 20170703_112753I saw it in the check out line at Barnes and Noble two Christmases ago and asked Nic to get it for me. Because I always pick out my own presents anyway.

Some of the prompts are short, one word, or two word answers. “What would you shoplift?” or “You bring someone back from the dead. Who is it?”

Others are long paragraphs, essays. “What your desk thinks about at night.” or “Make a scene with a character exhibiting really bad behavior.”

And still others could be as long as short stories. “One day a young boy climbs a tree and decides he won’t come down until his parents stop their divorce proceedings. Write about the event from the point of view of each parent.” or “Write a scene where a couple get into the biggest argument of their marriage-in a small fishing boat, on their favorite lake, at dawn. The motor broke, and they’re far out.” I think this last one could be hilarious! I have a few arguments I could draw from…because #marriage, duh.

I’m committed to tackling some prompts in the book to help refocus my thoughts, get me back in the groove, and help me remember to set some time aside for writing in the midst of all the craziness!

If you like to write, want to start writing, or just want to use this book for some interesting conversation starters around the dinner table…click this link! My same book doesn’t seem to be still available, but there are similar books to it here.

Happy writing!

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