Name Pronunciations

Edward: ED-word

ReAnne: ree-ANN

Mirias: MEER-ee-us

Ottelo: AHT-tell-oh (‘Ot’ rhymes with ‘bought’)

Pitney: PIT-knee

Kaelah: KAY-lah

Benjamin: BEN-juh-men

Dennis: DEN-is

Dritan: DRY-tun

Lothair: low-TARE (please don’t pronounce it ‘lot-hair’…as in: Wow! She has a lot of hair…because. Just no.)

Dima: DEE-mah

Deerdra: DEER-druh

Theosi: thee-OH-see

Hazar Maveth: HA-zar MAH-veth

Aoife: EE-fuh (Yup…this is the one I knew would getcha here! No judgment from me. I was saying it wrong, too.)

Conradin: con-RAD-in

Begrenzen: beh-GRIN-zin

Pamella: pah-MEL-uh