Chapter One – Prince Edward is almost home from a journey that took him to the Staas Kingdom with his sister, Princess ReAnne, when things go horribly wrong.

Chapter Two – Princess ReAnne is rescued by an unlikely ally and gains a interesting bit of information.

Chapter Three – Prince Ottelo contemplates binding to Princess ReAnne with his best friend Pitney.

Chapter Four – Edward finds ReAnne and enters Mirias. Under an order from the Great King, he takes her to Lady Kaelah.

Chapter Five – Lady Kaelah tells the Great King what she has found concerning ReAnne’s state. Edward is concerned about an unwelcome visitor in Lady Kaelah’s room.

Chapter Six – Lady Kaelah tells the forgotten histories to the three brothers.

Chapter Seven – The four head out to the land of Havarth. Ottelo exercises his gift to the surprise of Edward and Benjamin.

Chapter Eight – The company of four makes their way to the Paschar Dessert. Benjamin accuses Ottelo of using his gift to confuse them all.

Chapter Nine – Elder Begrenzen pays a visit to Lady Kaelah’s chambers.

Chapter Ten – The four encounter their first vex and learn an invaluable lesson from a strange man.

Chapter Eleven – Princess ReAnne makes some progress, thanks to the efforts of Lady Kaelah and Prince Dennis.

Chapter Twelve – Yavin brings the four young men into his dwelling where tensions mount over undisclosed details regarding ReAnne.

Chapter Thirteen– Yavin fills in gaps in the forgotten histories for the four travelers.

Chapter Thirteen (cont’d)

Chapter Thirteen (part 3)

Chapter Thirteen (part 4)

Chapter Fourteen (part 1) – Maurlee meets with the King and tells of her family’s past.

Chapter Fourteen (part 2)

Chapter Fourteen (part 3)

Chapter Fourteen (part 4)

Chapter Fifteen – Yavin teaches Ottelo and Benjamin how to further use their gifts.

Chapter Sixteen – Yavin teaches Edward the beginnings of mastery with his gift when they encounter a vex.

Chapter Seventeen – The four finally set out from Yavin’s tunnel home to find Belda. What they begin to experience with their gifts gives them cause for concern.

Chapter Eighteen – When the Great King questions Maurlee about her family, he makes a startling discovery that drudges up secrets he would rather leave in the past.

Chapter Nineteen – The travelers deal with the elements in Chimera Forest. When one of them is lost in the mist the conviction to find a cure for ReAnne is renewed.

Chapter Twenty – An unknown pull to use their gifts in Chimera begins to break down the comradery between them.

Chapter Twenty One – Tempers flare when another is lost to the mist until they realize they are not alone.

Chapter Twenty Two – Prince Dennis and Lady Kaelah contemplate the fate of the king.

Chapter Twenty Three – Edward and Ottelo try to get answers from Belda using Pitney as collateral.

Chapter Twenty Four – Edward and Ottelo contemplate newfound information while Pitney deals with Edward’s method of capturing Belda.

Chapter Twenty Five – Lady Kaelah visits Begrenzen to obtain some vital information.