About Me

I dance in the kitchen. Even if someone is watching.

I sing really loud. Sometimes in an opera voice. My family loves it.

I am a Christian. Evangelical. Non-denominational (which is funny because, for all intents and purposes, it is a denomination).

I am the only wife to one man. Those specifics may be needed. Just sayin.

I have four children. *Insert how much I adore them and just loooove being a mom, here.*  I am forever laughing or crying because of them. For their sake, I’ll try to avoid their names. Operative word: try.

I write more when I’m sad. Cheap therapy.

I read way more in the fall and winter than I do in the spring and summer.

I make popcorn on the stove-top. Takes longer than the microwave but is so worth it.

I skip irrelevant words when I read. I call it “conserving energy and time.” Other people call it skimming. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Christmas carols may be heard on my phone or in my car at any given time. You’ve been warned.

Netflix will greatly decrease any and all productivity on any given day.

I play guitar. Not at all like Jimmy Hendrix. Just thought I should manage that expectation.

I read the last couple pages of a book if I get bored with a particular scene. Most of the time, I’ll still finish it.

I have a dog named Piper. I publicly apologize to that person in Target whose daughter was named Piper and my kid pointed out it was our dog’s name. Awkward.

I lift weights. I’m sure it’ll start proving its worth in the mirror as soon as I put the m&ms down. Stupid seasonal flavors get me every time.

Coffee. Is. Life. Or. Death. Ok, not really. But yeah. Gimme.

Gilmore Girls. ‘Nuff said.

I hate the heat. Loathe it, entirely. I could live where blankets are required year-round.

I have eight piercings in my ears. Collectively. I have plans for more.

I have one tattoo. I have plans for more.

Give me coffee, rain, and a good book any day over going out.

I dye or bleach my hair. A lot.

I love scary movies. Not like Texas Chain-Saw Massacre…gross. Like Shutter Island, The Village, etc.

Major plot twists are not necessary in books or movies, but ALWAYS appreciated.

I can eat a whole, large, take-out pizza. By myself. I feel like crap for days after. Worth it.

This was probably more than you wanted to know.










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