Birthday Shenanigans

For my birthday, my sister-in-law, my Hip, my don’t know what I’d do without her, my cookie partner in crime, my ‘you should get a tattoo’ cheerleader…bought me a ticket (and her, too) for the WB back lots tour! Woohoo! Girl’s weekend!


Now, she is a Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls lovin’ woman…and I love…just about everything else! Gilmore Girls, fo sho. But also, Friends, Big Bang Theory, The West Wing, the Dark Knight trilogy…and more.

***Christian Bale is the ONLY Batman. Adam West gets a hearty nod, though. Because I watched him when I was little. NO. I am not THAT old. I watched it in syndication. Thankyouverymuch.***

If you have never been, I highly recommend it! It’s fun to get some ‘inside’ information and to see some of your favorite things up close and personal. And it’s in Burbank, so you kinda skip all that nasty LA traffic!

Oh, Gilmore Girls! How my heart wants to see Rory as a mom…and the mom in me wants to see her get her stupid act together, already! It is NOT the wookie’s baby. Marry Jess and figure out that it’s okay to change your dream. So you don’t make it as a journalist…very few do. So. What? Raise that baby with Jess and keep Logan at arms length. And don’t wait too long to have another one. I know, I know…I’ve said this all before! Rant. Over.

Recognize that church, fans? To the left of the church is the town square. Sadly, the gazebo was no longer constructed. But that’s the garage next to Lorelai’s house where Lane and her band, Hep Alien practiced (middle right). Oh gosh…remember Gil and the flying hair? All the feeeeeels. The bottom right picture is the front of Lorelai’s house…but the inside…


…is actually Mrs. Kim’s antique store (and our tour guide)! That’s right…Lane scrambled down those stairs more than once!

We also saw Luke’s, but it had already been painted for something else. Same for Doose’s Market.

Believe me when I say that we squealed like little girls over everything!Β  Eeeekkk! Like that.

Then…it was on to Batman!

Awwww…yeah. I flipped that switch people! I called for the Batman! He didn’t show…but what-evs. *Shrug* I know he’s busy…and stuff. *Sniff*

My favorite part was when our tour guide said, “You may take pictures with flash, video is fine. Just don’t touch the vehicles. They are actually operational.”

I’m sorry? You mean I could DRIVE the BAT-MOBILE? No, Carrie. No, you can’t. No touching. Bah!

After our Batman tour…we were driven around back lots and taken to the studio where Big Bang Theory is shot. There were NO pictures allowed there, but Penny’s apartment, the broken elevator, and Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment were all connected, just as they appear on the show. Most of the furniture and counter tops were covered, but it was still cool. Our tour guide told us they started covering everything because (just like Disneyland) the back lots have a cat population that helps with rodent control. Well, apparently, one cat likes to sleep in Sheldon’s spot. And they were tired of cleaning up cat hair! I thought this was hilarious for two reasons…one…because Sheldon’s SPOT!!! If you don’t watch the show, that’s actually a ‘thing.’ And two…because I also hate cat hair and so I totally get the need for covers! AGH!

When that portion was done, they took us to the props department. Talk about hoarders, you guys. They. Keep. Everything. Here are just some tidbits!

The White House signs and the goldfish bowl with the ‘Bartlett for President’ napkin, and the set up of the oval office were from The West Wing. Such a great show! The Japanese armors (top right) were in a scene from Inception. I had to watch that movie twice to make sure I understood it all! But so good…and thinking of that movie made me want to watch it again! Bottom left is from Pirates of the Caribbean. And all those Agent Smith’s should be a dead giveaway…Matrix. They were creepy because they looked Heebee-geebees!

And then, my friends (see what I did there?)…this. Go on. I’ll give you a minute.


Done? How about this?


Need another minute? It’s ok. I’ll wait. *taps fingers on desk*

You should be prepared for what comes next, anyway.


You scrolled down too fast, didn’t you? Man, I warned you and everything.


That’s RIGHT! I had my cake and I ate it, too! I don’t know what was in it…but it was the best chocolate cupcake I’ve ever had! And that frosting?! Not buttercream…not exactly whipped cream…Butter-Whipped-Cream icing? Whatever it was…it was amazing. So was the coffee. That’s right. Coffee. From Central Perk. Don’t worry…I held it together.

But wait…there’s more! (I sound like one of those creepy infomercial guys.)


Oh, yes. Oh, yes…we did! And…AND…yup.


Maybe Gunther touched that before me. Just sayin.

Then, there was a museum and some interactive things to do, which was great for Brooke because there was a lot of Harry Potter stuff! Which makes it sound like I didn’t care…but I did!!! She was super excited and that made me happy! She did the sorting hat and was from Gryffindor. She was very happy about that! We did see a few things from the LOTR, 300, and the Lego Movie…plus a lot more!

Ross’s leather pants outfit, and one of Rachel’s mini skirt and knee high boots outfits on the left. Classic Penny and Leonard on the right.


Ahhh…Luke and Lorelai! Just as they should be.

And then…we proceeded to spend quite a long time at the gift store. I bought a few things. Ahem. Like this. 20170226_080947

Yeah. It feels soft. Like butt-ah. And I bought a hat. You’ll see it later. And added to my mug collection that was already pushing my kids’ plastic cup shelf right out the front door. But I just can’t.quit.them.Β  Bazinga!20170308_162958.jpg

See what I mean? And! Ground coffee…because it’s from Central Perk. The coffee shop. The ACTUAL coffee shop. Just sayin.

So. Much. Fun. Bazinga!

After my stellar birthday out of town trip (thanks sooooo much, B!), my birthday was not quite over! On Monday morning, I got up, got dressed, and went to breakfast and then SHOPPING! Did you hear that? It’s Maria…she’s singing ‘These are a few of my favorite things…’ Best part? I went with this lady, right here!!! This is Sharon. Lady Sharon to my kids. That’s right. She’s royalty! Ha!


You know her already. Don’t shake your head. Remember this?

new year, healthy, chart

She made it! She’s my sticker chart making, epic swimming (we’re talking mileage people…at the butt-crack of dawn!), you text-I text-we text, hey…let’s put holes in our heads together, don’t you wanna eat Kahlua cake lovin’ bestie!

I’d love to give you heaps upon heaps of pictures with her and our day…but we suck at taking pictures together. I mean, we’re cute…it’s not that…it’s that neither one of us thinks about it. It’s the WORST! So, the picture of us together is THE ONLY ONE we got of our whole day of fun! Sad! Mental note to be so much better about that! Rest assured, pictures or no pictures, we had a FANTASTIC day! H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Charming Charlie’s…there’s no way I can remember them all. And she had just gotten back from vacation the day before (as in…jet-lag, you guys…legit) and still spent the day with me.

I’ve got the best friends ever!

The next day…was celebration with my crazies. That’s right…there’s STILL more! And if you call right now…

Part of my day with Sharon included a trip to Nothing Bundt Cakes. We had life group the night of my birthday (love that it fell on my birthday so I could spend it with all of them), so she got a delicious chocolate bundt…because chocolate is best. But she also got this marbled beauty. And I saved it for my night with the family! Look at how cute it is!

Anyhoo…we divided it into four and the kids chowed down! See my crazies? I love ’em. Even when they grow to be taller than me and give me all kinds of attitude. Or. Are not even close to being taller than me and still give me all kinds of attitude. Ahem.

Never mind the kitchen, you guys. Or the beer. Real livin’ right here.

After dessert…it was time for a family game of Guesstures. Our kids are surprisingly good at this game! You can’t go wrong with any of them on your team…but I have to say…my team rocked! Maybe it was the crazy awesome hat I was wearing?

Because we won. Oh, yes we did! (Did you see the hat?)


There were so many reasons my birthday was amazing…but none of it would have happened without this guy. He’s the reason I can go on girl trips. He’s the reason I can stay out shopping all day and not worry about the kids getting home from school or getting their homework done. I came home to a clean kitchen, a clean bathroom, and a clean front room…plus laundry had been done. He’s the best, in more ways than one…but I am especially thankful for how he lets me do…pretty much whatever I want. Nah! Just kidding!20170228_185159

Sort of.


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      • “Completely convinced of the same,” I say, as I drink hot coffee out of a Friends mug, given to me by a friend who also loves Friends…. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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