Chili Verde Time

Chicken chili verde with cauliflower rice.

I may secretly devour this by myself and not share with the family on occasion. NO judging.

I promised the recipe…and here it is! Let me just say that I never thought of making chili verde at home until my friend Sharon made it.

I said, “You made what?” And she said…”Chili verde!”

Then…I tasted it and thought I would die from happiness. Because I luuuuuurve me some Mexican food, yo.

She told me what ingredients she used and I thought…well, that doesn’t seem so hard. And then…somehow…I must have looked up the wrong recipe, or never got the actual recipe from her…I vaguely remember searching for it on Pinterest (AKA time trap) and probably have it pinned somewhere in my thousands of pins. The point is…when we compared notes recently, we realized we made it differently. Who knew! So, if I inadvertently ganked the recipe from another blog or foodie website, I am sorry…but I don’t remember from where.


Just so you all know…I make a lot of this and I am also protein heavy with it because at our house. And, there are six of us. Four boys. Three of whom are still growing. Rapidly. Like…Usain Bolt can’t keep up with their appetite growth. Ok, so not really, but you get my point.

Meat heavy. Feel free to loosen up the meat reigns. It will just give you a more soup-like chili verde. And you should try to make it a soup…because you add corn, beans, and some tortilla chips, smother it in cheeeeeese…ooooooo, baby!

But for us…well. We hold on tight to that meat stuff at our house. White-knuckled. Gripping our steak knife. Ready to pounce on an unsuspecting chicken breast or piece of shrimp. We may or may not also be ready to stab someone who takes the last piece of meat from the plate. Carnivores, I tell you. Vicious people.

But come on…what’s not to like?

Beef? Good.

Fish? Good.

Chicken? Goooooood.

(Friends. So.many.quotes.)

I hear the sound of vegetarians and vegans screaming in protest. It’s ok! I like beans, too!!! They are a healthy, complex carbohydrate side to my meat of choice. See what I did there?

Ok. The nitty-gritty:


Pork (about 5-6lbs)20170212_183951 I like buying this already cut up pork for carnitas because buying a pork roast and chopping it up seems to take for-ev-ah. These are already somewhat cut up for you.

Chicken (Family size pack…remember…I got them growing boys so I was making a double batch. That’s right. You heard me. Double. Batch. It freezes, people! Worth it!)

Tomatillos (I bought 20 from Walmart…and then had to go to Save Mart for jalapenos-what is UP Walmart??? Sad, but true. Save Mart’s tomatillos were MUCH larger. So, there’s that. Adjust accordingly. These ranged from medium to small.)

Jalapeno Peppers (I use four and remove seeds and ribbing from the inside.)

Poblano Peppers (I use three. They are also spicy…so I remove the seeds and ribbing.)

Three yellow onions (I know I only show two, but I decided two wasn’t enough and added another one…this changes depending on the size of the onion.)

Cilantro (two bunches)

Chicken Bouillon 1TB (or to taste)20170212_204426

Ground Cumin (to taste)

Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)

Garlic (optional)


Peel the tamatillos of their outer leafy…thingies…and cut in half. Along with poblanos, jalapenos. Quarter the onions. Spread them out on a foil lined cookie sheet drizzled with oil and roast at 450 for 15-20 minutes. I recommend lining with foil for future ease.20170212_185652

I use two cookie sheets to have them spaced out enough. This makes about 8 cups of sauce.


When they are done…they should look like this:



While my verde veggies are roasting, I cut my meat into approximate 1″ chunks and brown it with plain ol’ cooking spray. Now, you can skip the browning process and just drop them in the good ol’ crock pot with the soon to be saucy veggies, but I am here to solemnly swear that it is worth searing your meat first. If I was a scout…scout’s honor, two fingers…not a peace sign…however they do that. You will thank me.

Yes. Even the chicken. Especially the chicken. Unless you are purposely making shredded chicken chili verde (which is ah-mazing in burritos, quesadillas, homemade taquitos….straight outta the bowl…eh) I highly recommend the searing method. I salt mine and am careful not to overcrowd the pan so it stays hot. I probably leave them in there for a few minutes, stirring occasionally to get most sides on the heat at some point.

So! Seared pork. Not cooked all the way..I wouldn’t plop a piece of this in my mouth. No way.20170212_203454

Once my meat is done, my veggies are usually beeping at me to get them outta the oven. This is where the foil comes in handy, peeps.

I couldn’t get a picture of this because it is a two handed process…but I carefully fold up my foil and make it like a taco so I can pour the roasted veggies and all their yummy good juices into the best blender of all time.

Which one is that, you ask?

The Ninja.

I got one for Christmas. One, because our old blender was borrowed. Two because we make smoothies with ice and frozen fruit. It wasn’t doing that so well anymore. Poor guy. So I got this…and I have yet to find something it can’t obliterate. Literally. Like…don’t put your hand in there.

This one seriously suited all our blending needs. It also can make small batches of cookie dough. Enough for a full Netflix binge day. Ahem. So if you are in the market for a new blender…yup.

Ok! Back to the best green food, ever!

This is where you add your cilantro bunch. I blend in two batches so this has one cookie sheets worth and one bunch. Pulse until it is the consistency you prefer. Some people like it chunky. I like it pureed because I don’t have to hear little voices asking me…”What’s this green thing?” “Is that an onion?” “Is this a big chunk of pepper?” “Just eat what your mama made you, children!”

Pureed = semi-peaceful meal at our house.

But I digress…


Those little feet suction to the counter. This baby ain’t goin’ anywhere while it’s blending. For realz.

Blend, blend. Or pulse, pulse.

Then, you just pour it on top of the meat (I pour four cups of sauce in each crock pot), mix it up, and set your crock pot for 6-8 hours.

Green yummy goodness, right here.

Green yummy goodness, right here.

This is also where I add chicken bouillon. Once the crock pot has done its thing for 6 hours (or I think the meat is cooked all the way) I taste the sauce and adjust my salt or bouillon accordingly. This is when I add the ground cumin and I may also choose to add garlic.


Campbell’s soup has nothing on this. THIS is “Mmm, mmm good.”

I serve this over cauliflower rice for myself. I use the Ninja food processor attachment to ‘rice’ my cauliflower (basically just pulsing until the cauliflower is in small, rice-like chunks), then toast it with some olive oil on an open skillet until it gets al dente. I add some taco seasoning to it and wah-lah! Rice for my chili verde!

Chicken chili verde with cauliflower rice.

Chicken chili verde with cauliflower rice.

The rest of the family eats it with white rice, homemade refried beans, and tortillas. And a large glass of water for some. It is a bit spicy, but you can adjust that by how many jalapenos and poblanos you use. I have also used anaheim peppers, but I don’t think they give the same flavor I am looking for as the poblanos.

The pork is a little heavier with fat than the chicken breast (important to me for macro counting), but the pork retains the flavor better. You might have to make it both ways to decide which you like better, but I don’t think anyone would complain if you did!

I said it before…but in case you missed it…it also freezes well, so if you like to cook in big batches to free up some time and end up with way more than one meal, the double batch might be the way to go.

Let me know if you decide to try it!!!



4 thoughts on “Chili Verde Time

  1. The recipe was perfect! I am too obsessed now…already bought more to make it again! I do think I used too much chicken though. Not nearly as liquid-y as yours. 4 of the large Costco breasts was a lot! Made mine in burritos with rice and quinoa. Yuuuuuum-o! Thanks for sharing the love!

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