Happy New Year! Hair Changes + Goals. Hair Goals?

Another year. Another hair color. Yup.

2015…I was platinum.First, all the way to the root…in an effort to get to that smudged root look you see here.

blonde hair20160327_124657Along with my sister, we took the plunge…which involved multiple processes of bleach being applied to our heads! Sisters, sisters…there were never such devoted sisters… And I loved it. And me and the hubs miss it even if no one else does. But when a bad chemical burn on my scalp happened…I knew I was playing with fire. Which is why…

2016…I spent mostly brunette. Lightest neutral brown. Which really was not light at all. Think more…medium brown. Dark, medium brown. Black. Definitely not lightest neutral brown. And I don’t use drugstore box colors…I use Wella. Have been for many, many years. I mixed that darn color myself. Dye, then developer. See? I mean business! And for the better part of this year, I used the same color. Rinse and repeat.Ā Oh…and I cut it. Short.

Cue: 2017

I’m now…um…mahogany? And while I really love the Hunger Games trilogy, I insist that Effie Trinket had nothing to do with my choosing it. “That is MAHOGANY!” Oh, Effie.

mohagany, hair

Can you see it?

mohagany, hair

How ’bout now?

Some might say it’s purple. I wouldn’t even disagree with them. Blackish, purple-ish. The jury is still out for how long I’ll keep it. Who am I kidding. I give it two months. Because…let’s be real. My hair changes often. Like. A. Lot. (If you know and see my hair lady…you should kiss her. She deals with a lot from me!)

But! This does lead me to the purpose of this blog post. It’s about to get real personal. Are you ready?

I have goals. Not necessarily for 2017…I have #goals for life…and really…where better to make them public than here? Oh, you agree? Excellent.

So dear readers, all three of you, I have decided to venture out a bit more in my serial wannabe-ness (it’s a word). Did you hear that? It’s Obi-wan…”These are the first steps.”

Bottom line: I could use some serious accountability. Now, please don’t take it upon yourself to stop me to see how well I’m doing when you see me sans makeup with my freshly dyed hair tucked up in a hat at…hhhmm….where do I go? OH! Walmart! Church! School! (And I’m out of places. Because I pretty much don’t go anywhere else…is this a sad existence? I’m not sure, yet.) Ahem. Because if I am at these three places…sans makeup, freshly dyed hair tucked up in a hat…chances are….my goals have been shot for that day. Just sayin’.

You’re going to ask anyway, aren’t you? It’s alright. I’ll live. Just ignore the zit I didn’t cover, mmmkaythanks.

Where were we?

GOALS! I have them! And they are as follows:

  1. READ MORE. This book list from Modern Mrs. Darcy (best blog name EVER) is going to help me get there. I’m doing the one “For Fun.” This also means watching tv less. Which, I’m good with…but can someone please tell Netflix to stop automatically starting the next episode of a series and enabling my binge? It is their fault I don’t turn it off. I’m sure it is all their fault I turn it on in the first place, but I’m still working on the validity of that excuse.
  2. EAT HEALTHY. For. the. love. I have fallen off the healthy band-wagon with a vengeance this holiday season…with little bouts of it rearing its ugly head the nine months before. You heard me…nine months (because my holiday season is three). Fine. ALL YEAR LONG I have eaten worse than years past. There. I said it. You happy? This comes right about the time everyone around me is sick and I think…MAN! I want to be healthy! And I know how…it’s just DOING IT. My super organized friend, Sharon, made me a sticker chart before the holidays in an effort to curb my seasonal binges. I had my doubts, but I was surprised at how obsessed happy I was about adding a sticker to my day! But the holidays stole my thunder after three weeks…and I had three weeks of sad.
    new year, healthy, chart

    Sad, red Sharpie.

    Technically, I had three weeks of a bold red Sharpie pen blocking off my days in horror. So now, it’s time to kick some butt with weights…and to kick some carbs to the curb with recipes like this! And this!

  3. WRITE. Continue. Don’t lose steam. Pick up the pace. Finish the kid’s story. YOU CAN DO IT. Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror if you have to! When all else fails…sing like Dory! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….
  4. FREELANCE ARTICLES. Yeah…I’d like to see if I could get something published. But I’d also like to see if it could make me a little extra cash on the side…in the form of smaller writing projects. I’m sure this sarcasm and wit can be used for something other than the hysterics o20161217_211338f my friends and family. What? They laugh with me…
  5. MAKE MORE COOKIES. Seems silly, yes? But I wouldn’t mind offering up Valentine’s Day cookies…maybe some for St. Patrick’s Day, or the end of the school year? My cookie partner in crime, Brooke, has already suggested doing Thanksgiving cookies this year and I’m not opposed! Getting our crazy schedules to work is like…the stars aligning. But we can DO IT! (B-are you listening?)
  6. GROW OUT MY HAIR. Don’t laugh. Part of my need (ok…so not a neeeeeed) to dye my hair as often as I have is because when it is short…I am so BORED with it. I can’t wait to ‘bun it up’ – that’s a technical term – on the top of my head and not have half of it fall out. Or to not have twenty bobby pins keeping it secured. When it’s long…the bun is beautiful, bangs are amazing, and I can have highlights peaking from underneath that don’t require constant root touch ups. Although…the grey struggle is real, peeps. I may not be able to avoid a full head of highlights for long. But for now…mahogany. If my hair grows fourteen inches overnight, you’ll know I succumbed to hair extensions. At this point, I have no shame.
  7. DEVOTIONAL TIME. Last…but never least. For about a decade, I was in Precept Studies. And the studies were so good…unlike any other Bible study I had been in. But I felt God moving me somewhere else…to a place where head knowledge couldn’t be confused as love for Him. 20170104_163114Where my relationship with Him ebbed and flowed not based on what I was learning, or what I knew, but what I believed of His character. Ultimately…He is steadfast and I am ever-changing…learning to lean in when I want to run and reading not just words on a page, but the still, small voice who speaks them into existence. Now, I find myself wanting more of those words…but in a way that my heart hears, and not just my mind. So when this Inscribe the Word idea was posted on Facebook by a friend, I knew it could be just what I needed. Beautifully simple…undeniably powerful. I’m only three days in (I back-tracked to Jan. 1 and did them all)…and I’m loving how it gets my heart AND my mind right. I also feel like I am retaining the scriptures better…reading and spending time to write them out.

So, there they are. #GOALS Things I am working on for this year…and the years beyond…always changing, learning, moving…living. They are not for anyone else. They are not restricted to this year, only. They are mine, and mine alone. My precioussssss.

Since there are only seven…it shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with, right?



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Hair Changes + Goals. Hair Goals?

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  2. Yes. I am tardy on this. Yes. I’m behind on my reading. Yes. I can help hold you accountable. Ivan always push someone else, but who is pushing me?!?! Lol
    You can do it sister!!’ Go!!! šŸ’•

  3. I hear you! And you can do this! If you put your mind to it my friend you are an unstoppable force, focused, and strong. Put this list on your computer, in your kitchen, and next to your tv(S)!!!! Let it be before you so you don’t forget. God is not only behind you, but has gone BEFORE you. You are an amazing woman, one who inspires me, challenges me, and encourages me. You are MORE than capable! I will ask, but I usually know when not to. Love you to pieces and can’t wait to see what the Lord does in you this year! And I’m ALL FOR you finishing your book FOR THE LOVE!!!šŸ˜

    • Thanks, B! I hear your inner cheerleader coming out! Lol! Posting this next to the tv…computer…shoot…everything that distracts me all day long…is a great idea!!

  4. Thanks Brittany! I’m so glad you are enjoying the story so much! The holidays have definitely thrown me off, but I am excited to get back into it.
    I am seriously LOVING Inscribe the Word! Let me know if you decide to do it.
    Oh, and I think an A-line bob with secret rainbow hair sounds ah-mazing! Do it, do it, do it!

  5. Love all this! I totally want to get an a-line bob with secret rainbow hair this year!

    And I love the idea of Inscribe the Word! I have been looking for something to do this year to help me be more connected with God, something that would help build my self-discipline to consistantly be in the Word. I’m gonna try this out!

    And last, but probably the first!, don’t stop with the story!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

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