Chapter 14 (Part 1)

Maurlee took the small cup of water to ReAnne’s chapped lips. Her pugged nose turned up as if lifting her chin as the water went down ReAnne’s throat would somehow aid the process of drinking for her patient. The large postered bed and its large white coverlet, practically matching Maurlee’s fair skin, dwarfed both the young girls now in Kaelah’s care. One, deftly moving from the side of the bed to the wash basin and back. The other, resting somewhat peacefully in it.

“Drink up, now. That’s it.” Maurlee caught the slight dribble from running all the way down ReAnne’s graceful neck. In the few days since her arrival, she had taken to Princess ReAnne as if she had known her for her whole life. Maurlee’s presence was kind and gentle and ReAnne reacted well to her nurturing touch. Her eyes had lit up at acknowledgement of Maurlee’s presence within the room, and so the Great King allowed her to stay under Lady Kaelah’s supervision after quite a few interrogations over the incident.

“Coills, I believe…but why, I don’t know. For whatever the reason or intent of her brothers, Maurlee seems to be of sincere intent towards her,” the Great King said to both Lady Kaelah and Prince Dennis when they started to protest the new arrangements. “Do not forget that we have Maurlee to thank for her escape. Who knows what would have happened had she not intervened.”

“But, what if they wanted her to escape? What if helping her was part of the plan?” Dennis pleaded.

Lady Kaelah, too, voiced some initial concerns, but she had to admit that Maurlee seemed to have taken an honest interest in the princess’s health and after Maurlee worked with her to create a concoction that had ReAnne sitting up in bed, she was reluctantly won over.

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