Gilmore Girls

I love, love, LOVE me some Gilmore Girls.

Yes, they are liberals.

Yes, they make fun of Christian Rock.

Yes, they have a string of boyfriends and don’t stay exactly chaste.

Yes, they are absolutely hilarious!

Yes, they are a study in mother/daughter relationships. Sometimes, about what not to do.

They need coffee. In an IV.

Emily is ah-mazing. Her gift of manipulation is unmatched and neither is her sarcastic banter. Some of my biggest belly laughs have been at her quick wit.

Richard. Poor Emily. Rory’s twin pillars will never be the same.

Lorelai is one of the most accepting characters of straight up CRAZY people I have ever seen. And she named her daughter after her. Like.A.Boss. And she loves Luke. ForEVER. Because he’ll always supply her coffee. And he’s all in. That thing they’re doing. Until April shows up and Luke loses his mind over an ultimatum. But we’ll forgive him because he supplies her coffee. And sews tarps together all night long. Because it is going to rain.

Rory. She booted the whiny brat-boy, stuck it to the one who had abandonment issues, and went to jail with the spoiled, privileged, don’t-worry-my-dad’s-lawyer-will-get-you-off, three piece suited stud who taught her fly and live ‘In Onnia Paratus.’ She might get detoured, but eventually, she finishes her court-ordered community service, moves out of the pool house, and makes amends with her mom. ‘Cause she’s a Gilmore.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about…let me enlighten you to one of the greatest shows of all time. That’s right, I said it. All.Time.

Yes, they talk very fast.

Oh….and try to keep up!



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