Lining Up the Ducks.

*This post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge.*

Today, I am spending a few hours making sure all my ducks are lining up in a row as the story progresses and I work towards new material.

I am looking at Mirias Kingdom absolutes, such as:

The Great King reigns.

Edward is next in line to the throne.

Pale light streams from the heavens. (Chapter One)

The Spirit of Blessings flowed through all who enter their borders at varying levels, dependent upon age, gifting, and depth of fealty to the Great King. (Chapter Four)

Dritan Citadel overlooks the Mirias Kingdom. (Chapter Four)

Ladies ride horses and learn to duel. (Chapter Three)

There are MANY more…but this is just a small taste of all the things I have to try to keep straight in my head and down on paper.

When did I mention Edward’s gift and how does it work? What insight did I give into a greater operation of it? When did he receive it? How did he receive it? What are its pitfalls?

What have I said about Binding?

How does the Staas Kingdom differ from Mirias? Ex.: Ladies ride in carriages and spend their time learning embroidery and how to run a manor vs. riding horses, dueling, and archery in addition to other talents.

Vex absolutes.

Origin story.

What story line did I hint at in a previous chapter…and should I get to it, or tease it again?

And then there is always the other giftings…(there’s been a hint at another, but it was so vague, I wonder if you guys caught it).

And so on. This is the down-right dirty stuff for me. Organization is not something I excel at, and yet, this manner of story demands it.

Look at me, Ma…I’m growing.



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