Fact or Fiction?

I just bought this book for .99!

And then proceeded to pay $3.99 in shipping. Still, an interesting read for four bucks. Sold!

I have only managed to crack one page of this book open today. Lots of things took precedence over the day of reading I had planned. To put this in perspective is the fact that I drank half a cup of coffee today. That’s right. Not two cups. Not even a full cup. A half cup. SAD.

The lack of coffee may also explain why I am just now posting for the day. Ahem.

I have two time periods that will entice me towards books more than any other historical fiction. The Tudors and World War II. Both speak to me of the human condition, the selfishness and self-centeredness we all possess and the unrelenting need to get ahead at the expense of someone else. I also see how history repeats itself in small and large ways…and how wise King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

But you add a true story and then a controversy surrounding that ‘alleged’ true story…and you have a winner! Hence, the four bucks.

This book is about a British man who recounts the time he traded places with a Jew imprisoned at Auschwitz and the horrors he encountered there.

Some say it never really happened and that there are glaring holes in his story when you listen to recorded interviews and consider the containment of prisoners within that camp.

All I can say is…we shall see!

*This post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge.*


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