One of my favorites…

…by far!

If you haven’t read this series…you really, really should!

By Darkness Hid, Jill Williamson, author, goodreads

(Image from Amazon)


Wanna know what makes this book a tad bit better (because it’s hard to mess with perfection)? The Kindle edition is free.

Did you hear me?

I said FREE.

And I guarantee you…you will readily buy the other two. With the one-click button on Amazon. As soon as the last page is turned…or clicked. Depending on your book reading style.


They are.that.good.

I’m practically twisting your arm. And the arm of my twelve year old. But once you get started, you’ll be thanking me.

So…let me just say in advance…


*This post is part of the Write 31 Days challenge.*


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