Procrastination is setting in.

*This post is part of Write 31 Days challenge*

Today, I am planning on spending time putting up a mirror in our downstairs bathroom that has been mirror-less since I decided the light fixture needed to be changed. I couldn’t figure out how to remove the light fixture without removing the builder-grade mirror first. And I broke it. So, our downstairs bathroom has not had a mirror in it for almost two years. TWO YEARS.

Because my procrastination hits an all-time high on things like this. I won’t even mention the one drawer that has a white streak on it because I contemplated painting the cabinets white. Yup. Same bathroom.

And while this seems like something that is good, it also is serving a great procrastination service. I am procrastinating working on writing Monday’s chapter because it is going to be hard work. It is going to take a LOT of planning because everything I write in it for Monday will be foundations for the world and its boundaries for most of the rest of the book. And it feels like a weighty one…hence, the procrastination. I told you I was good at that here.

So…hanging a mirror it is! For now.

But this is what this challenge was for me. To move me past my procrastination and muscle through it. Even though life gets hard. Or life stays the same and I try to make it hard (God, help me).

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