Something I’m working on…

*This post is part of Write 31 Days challenge*

Here is what may be a little snippet of Monday’s chapter…as always with a working thought, I reserve the right to change it, rearrange it, or trash it!

He spoke to her all afternoon, painting a picture for her of the world he had seen and the many splendors held within it. He spoke to her of waters so expanse, the ends could not be found. He told her of birds colored in bright blues and greens. He described what it felt like to fly. To soar over raging waters falling off mountain sides, to stand on the edge of cliffs and overlook valleys, green and lush. To feel the sweltering heat of the desert and warm sand between your toes. The gentle manner of glaciers as they crawled across the surface of the earth, hiding their true power far below arctic waters. When his arms moved with the rhythmic motion of birds in flights, her head followed in amazement. When he jumped around her room mimicking a gazelle bounding across a prairie, she nodded her head in time with each leap, laughing. And when he walked close to her and brushed her cheeks to tell her it was what a cloud felt like as you flew through it, she didn’t pull away.

And she forgot how dangerous he was.

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