Some days…nothing comes.

*The post is part of Write 31 Days challenge*

There are days when everything falls into place. I’ve worked out before the sun came up. My computer is on. My coffee is hot in my cup. My breakfast has been eaten. The house is quiet. And still. Some days, though my fingers are perched on their keys and my schedule is willing, nothing comes.

Life has happened today. And not just in cookies.

Gilmore Girls.


Survivor. During cookies.

One load of laundry.

More cookies.


More cookies.


Play date.

Dinner. With a nine year old kitchen helper.

Free tacos mad rush.



Pick up.


Today, I didn’t write. Some days are like that, I suppose, but I still have to remind myself that it’s OK a paragraph didn’t get written because life.was.happening. And as much as I want to write, I want most to live.



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