Writers have crazy search histories.

*This post is part of Write 31 Days*

I have had my share of interesting searches.

“Natural herbs that cause unconsciousness.”

“Wheat field suffocation.”

“Name that means evil.”

“Name that means sinister.”

“How to kill someone in medieval times.”

“What poisons were used in the dark ages?”

“What does death by poison look like?”

“Was hanging the only form of execution in town squares?”

Sounds pretty bad, huh?  Like I am writing the worst medieval serial killer book of all time.

Could you imagine the search history of crime writers?

“How do you make a bomb?”

“How do you dismantle a bomb?”

“What drug overdoses but is not regularly searched for in drug tests?”

“How much damage can a four inch knife do on a thigh?”

“Where is the best place to cut off a limb and still survive for twelve hours?”

“How does blood splatter?”

Scary, right?

Never fear! I’ve had my fair share of sunshine-y searches, too. But no matter how weird, concerning, and creepy these searches look, you can legit find this information on the world.wide.web. Dub, dub, dub…at your service.

Writers joke about how if they ever get tapped by the government (and they probably already are), they would be in trouble! You can see why.




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